The ultimate storm is coming...


Experiencing QuakeJet is like all of nature’s extreme forces – the speed of a hurricane, the raw power of a tidal wave and the agility of a tornado, propelled by a high-power jet engine that feels like an earthquake.














QuakeJet is a truly terrifying experience, you can feel you heart pounding and knuckles tightening as the boats tears away and begins the 100kmp/h thrill ride of a lifetime.


If you’re an adrenaline-seeker who has have tried everything from bungee jumping to sky-diving, QuakeJet is definitely the next extreme experience for you.

oceancall introduce " quakejet " the most terrifying and thrilling experience of your life

For further details, contact us on (+34) 691 803 571   e-mail. info@oceancall.eu or duffy@quakejet.com